STUDIO© Architecture and Urbanism magazine

A mental activity of learning and knowledge.

STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism magazine, founded and directed by Romolo Calabrese together with RRC STUDIO Architects, is an indipendent Cultural Project, that uses the publication as a communication device to spread all its contributions.

STUDIO© is an Editorial Project, which complex process, both intellectual and cultural, has his point of materialisation and formalisation into the publication, that include international contributors held together by a specific theme of reflection.

In the STUDIO© ‘s philosophy, architecture and urbanism don’t only represent scientific and theorical discipline, but also and especially analytics model that help understanding reality, refering in particular to the trasformation of morphological and specific structures, to human and environmental ecology and to cultural references which compose the urban society’s universe.

STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism magazine is a platform of dialogues and an intermediation device of concepts in these areas of investigation, searching interdisciplinary comparison with other fields of urban studies and visual arts.

In this regards, STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism magazine define specific theme, aiming for virtually gathering voices more or less non-conformist and high-sounding of the cultural panorama. These themes pretends to represent a common thread of reflection between the contents that will be inside the issue, focus on a direct comparison with most recent urban ( socio-economic, geographic, environmental and istitutional) international dynamic and contingent events that characterized the new urban matter and the contemporary city.

This is the morphogenesis of STUDIO© , believing in the importance of supporting the printed paper in a society where infomation has become more and more liquid, paying attention to the details of its own body: thickness of pages, impression to the touch, colour, images and texts organisation. Contributions’ organisation has topic moments during the constructions of the issue, most important is the “Call for papers” every three month, similar to the scientific one, spread in all our social media and between the several friends of STUDIO© .

Editor in chief

Romolo Roberto Calabrese

Managing editor

Pier Alessio Rizzardi

Editorial board

Giuseppe Costantini
Enrico Andrea Miggiano
Pier Alessio Rizzardi

English Text Editor

Alberto Arati

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