STUDIO extends an invitation to visionaries, creators, and scholars for contributions to our
thought-provoking theme: INFORMAL/FORMAL.
This edition embarks on an exploratory journey into the fluid realms of formality and informality
within the architectural and urban context, probing into their transient, often elusive nature.
In this discourse, we trace the evolutionary arc of architectural shape and form over the past
century – a narrative that pivots from functionality to efficiency, memory, context, iconography,
dreams, and now, to the realms of artificial intelligence.
The central inquiry becomes: Amidst a kaleidoscope of possibilities, how do we sculpt form
itself? Is the solution nestled in an architecture that is not just adaptive but anticipatory,
harmonizing the rigor of formal structures with the malleable essence of informal spaces?
STUDIO seeks to dissect and comprehend the intricate dance of formal and informal elements
– celebrating successes, learning from missteps, and uncovering the ingredients for innovative,
enduring design. We aim to capture ideas that quench a dual thirst: a craving for inventive
disruption and a reverence for enduring principles, crafting architectural narratives that are both
relevant today and resilient tomorrow.

STAGE 01 (Abstract) – April 21st 2024