The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has marked a new era in the
field of Architecture and Urbanism.
This calls for a deeper examination of the relationship between Al and the
future of architecture, and the opportunities and challenges it presents. This
call for papers invites authors to explore the most interesting aspects of this
relationship and to offer new perspectives and insights on the role of Al in
shaping the built environment.
We are particularly interested in contributions that explore the following
topics: the integration of Al in design and construction processes, the impact
of Al on the aesthetics of architecture, the ethical and social implications of
Al in architecture, the role of Al in creating sustairable and inclusive urban
environments, and the potential of Alto transform the built environment.
Moreover, we welcome theoretical and philosophical reflections on the
relationship between Al and architecture, as well as case studies that
demonstrate the application of Al in real-world projects.

These may include examples of Al-powered building simulations, Al-assisted
design processes, Al-based energy efficiency optimization, and the use of Al
for urban planning and management.

This call for papers invites architects, urban planners, researchers, and
academics to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue on the potential of Al
to shape the future of architecture and urbanism. We seek to foster a critical
and innovative discourse on this topic, and to contribute to the advancement
of knowledge in the field.

STAGE 01 (Abstract) – May 24th 2023