REBUILD the city following exceptional environmental, health
and political events that have recently interrupted, conditioned and
changed our relationship with the city itself.

REBUILD understood as a new lost identity.
REBUILD understood as an urban digitalization process.
REBUILD understood as a transformation process.
REBUILD intended as the completion of unfinished places.
REBUILD understood as a cultural process of social transformation.
REBUILD intended as an energy regeneration process.

Can reconstruction be limited to the rebuilding of buildings without
a new planning and regeneration, even political, of the contemporary

STUDIO #22 REBUILD wants to understand how architecture can
rebuild itself and take back its formal condition and its social role;
how to regenerate the interrupted urban fabric; what are the processes
to use to dodge repetitions? What are the methods to have a real force
on the transformation of the city? What are the new approaches with
which architects can create a contemporary city?

STAGE 01: September 19th 2022