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Buildings you must see before you die Jose Dávila
The world behind the word Interview with Nicola Emery
Icon vs Eye-con: the contours of the debate Serafina Amoroso
From the meteorite to the cloud Stefano Corbo
Iconoclasts vs Iconodules: understanding the power of the icon Léopold Lambert
Iconic on KLAUS
Miami houses Léo Caillard
About and beyond the icon Fredy Massad, Alicia Guerrero Yeste
Lazar Khidekel and the possibility of a revolutionary architecture WAI Architecture Think Tank
The icon project, architecture and capitalist globalization Leslie Sklair
Luz nas Vielas Boa Mistura
The power of drawing Interview with Franco Purini
A project as an icon, an icon as a project BIG
Modern masterpieces revisited Luís Santiago Baptista
Less is enough Guido Tesio
God is in the frame…God is in the detail RRC STUDIO
Meaning and vision in looking to the future: the skyscraper in Milan Scott Budzynski
Iconic stickers Clet Abraham
Nueva Pompeya, a user’s manual Fake Industries Architectural Agonism

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