Transforming the un-changed Romolo Roberto Calabrese

Aqualta Studio Lindfors
Architecture = Transformer Thomas Mical
State transitions: infrastructure and urban form in XXIth century Fabrizia Berlingieri
Islands into the stream. City fragments drifting from Baltic to Black Sea and beyond Giaguaro Architetti
Architectural and urban hybridization regeneration techniques of the city’s consolidated tissue Arianna Veloce
Emergency and identity. Reactivation of the collective memory Paloma Baquero Masats, Juan Antonio Serrano García
Urban landscapes Jon Measures
Notes on the Equitable Building as origin Aaron White
Conceptualizing scales: the ordinary and extraordinary as a map of the city Leandro Marino Vieira Andrade, Júlia Ribes Fagundes
“Estonoesunsolar”: vacant lands’ transformation in public space Patrizia Di Monte, Ignacio Grávalos
Detroit an alternative narrative Melissa Hollingsworth, James Witherspoon
Venice changes. How is Venice transforming itself? Some examples of different actitudes Luca Girardini
Beyond the metropolis: the case of Istanbul Onur Ekmekci
Canberra’s afterlife: high pressure crystals and the bush capital dream Angel Borrego Cubero
Rephotography RRC STUDIO
Delhi, India: transformation of the national capital Suparna Ghosh
Brasilia upon landing Isabelle Marie Cyr
The mice city. The changes are coming Aye Rahimi
The transitional generations of Doha: a Case study of culture and the built environment Tammi Moe, Fahad Ahmed Al Obaidly, Leslie Forehand

Charles street car park, Sheffield (UK), Christian Herron



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